Couples Massage Amsterdam

Couples Massage Amsterdam

24/7 Massage Amsterdam offers a classic and regular massage for couples, and also the erotic massage for couples.

The classic and regular session you and your partner are having a full body treatment from head till toe. The classic version is based on the Swedish and deep tissue principal. Therefore you can order 2 separate highly skilled and trained masseuses for you and your partner. The both of you are having the massage at the same time and in the same room where you can enjoy the full relaxation treatment of the couples massage. There is no sexual intimacy involved. The buildup acid in the muscles is being restored and also all the little pains are being taken care off. While you are experience the couple treatment the blood circulation is restored, that will bring back both body’s back in balance. The perfect way and the ultimate relaxation for the both of you at the same time !

The erotic massage for couples is also one of the great options that 24/7 Massage Amsterdam has to offer. Most of the pair who are ordering the erotic version have this way of life, and live life to the max. They will give their relationship some extra spice every now and then. Or maybe it`s the first time that you and your partners want to do something extra ? Our masseuses will now exactly how to get you started. The possibilities are having and sharing the same masseuse or having each another masseuse at the same time. By having 2 masseuses you can have the benefits of having 2 different type of massaging at the same time, like for the men the Tantric Massage, and for the female the body to body massage, but that is up to you !

Need some extra assistance regarding your selection of any other questions of making a booking or else ? Please feel free to give us a call, we also want it to be the best experience for the couples in Amsterdam.

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