Erotic Massage Amsterdam

Erotic Massage Amsterdam

Can you order an erotic massage in Amsterdam ? Yes, with 24/7 Massage Amsterdam you can order all different exclusive massaging packets that you can think of. We are always open for your exclusive treatment day and night. Easy selected the preferred masseuse and she will perform the

Does your erotic massage also contains a body to body massage ? Yes, the massage treatment is also included the body to body treatment. We can advise you to book minimum 90 minutes of any of the packets. Then you can easily combine the service you are looking for.

Are the masseuses qualified and skilled to do so ? Yes, all the masseuses we are offering on the website are all having the degrees and certificates to offer any kind of outcall service you are searching for on the web.

Can I make a booking in advance ? Yes, of course you can make a booking anytime of the day. When you are staying in one of the hotels all we need is your full name and room number. The we will give you the confirmation of your booking.

Is it also possible to have an erotic massage in mine hotel ? Yes, we are regular guests of any hotel in Amsterdam on daily base. We are the main supplier of relaxation & entertainment of the city. Because most of the hotels know already that we are the best massaging service in Amsterdam, we are the once they are going to call for if you are going to putt a request out at the bar or reception.

Is there something happening with mine name  ? Yes, we only use your name for the booking and the duration of the booking. In order to call you on your room number we need your name and room number so the operator of the helpdesk from the hotel will patch us to your room. After the massaging session we destroy your name and telephone number. We don’t keep records of any of our clients.

Does mine time starts when she arrives ? Yes, as soon if you pay her you duration time will start. Of course you need to pay in advance to the masseuse. Then she will send a message to the company that she is ok.

Taxi cost is it included in the erotic massage ? Yes, all the prices you will find on the website are also including transportation cost. There are no extra cost involved.

We are an couple, can we order an erotic massage at 24/7 Massage Amsterdam ? Yes, couples can also order any service at any time of the day. Tantric, Sensual, Body to Body, Full Body & Tantra. For the both of you can order one or two girls at the same time.

Is the masseuse naked with the massage ? Yes, if you desire to have so she will be nude at the duration of the service. When you rather have (some clients do) that she is wearing her bra and underwear please feel free to say so.

Do I need to shower before the masseuse arrives ? Yes, fresh is always better, we kindly want to ask all our clients to have a shower annex bath before arrival of the masseuse. Why ? Due to the hygienically reasons that is one, and two all your pores will open up before the massage starts. This will give you an extra stimulating feeling and absorbs the essential oil better into your skin. The skin is also being treated with essential mineralized & revitalizing  oil.

Does she bring oil or crème ? Yes, of course the masseuse is bringing all the essentials to provide you with the excellent service that you ask for. 99% percent of the massaging is happening with oil. Some of our client rater have crème instead of oil on their body, of course this is all up to you ! With us all clients are king (it`s a saying in Holland).

I am with some friends in the hotel can she do all mine friends as well ? Yes, of course. The masseuse you have ordered is for your purpose over there. The price you made the payment for is only for one person and does not incl. third party’s other than you. When your private companionship like your friends also want to have a sensual an attractive girl please order at once, so we can send them at the same time. Beware there is a maximum of 2 girls on each room. The hotels in Amsterdam don’t except more than 2 masseuses on one room. When you are having multiple rooms rented in the hotel than of course just give us all the names and room numbers of your friends or business partners.

Do you provide erotic massage outside of Amsterdam ? Yes, we also provide erotic massage in other places rater the city. After years of experience we have a very good relationship with a lot of our regular high end clients. One day they are in Amsterdam the next time they are staying somewhere else. That is why we also over our exclusive service in places in and around the city.

What is a Happy End ? All good things come to an end so is your session ! That is why we offer to all our clients a happy ending massage that also called an Lingam Massage. The happy end is not the goal for the massage but you have to see it better like a bonus. On the last minutes (10 minutes before ending) of your session the masseuse will start the bonus. After you have ordered the exclusive erotic massage Amsterdam you are going to have a free bonus in combination with one of our other packets.

Do you need any further assistance with selecting the masseuse or selecting the massage who fits your need ? Please call our number on the website and we will help you further, regarding your questions. Don’t be afraid to ask them we have heard it all before !



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