Body to Body Massage Amsterdam

Body to Body Massage Amsterdam

We are visiting Amsterdam can we book for the body to body massage ? Of course, when you have booked your residence in the city and you have your room number give us a call. 24/7 Massage Amsterdam is the premium provider of all exclusive treatments.

We are staying in Amsterdam can we order now ? Of course, we are always open to provide you with the erotic massage like body to body. You can order 24 hours a day seven days a week for the exclusive body to body massage treatment in the city.

Is the masseuse naked performing the service ?
Of course, when you desire it is defiantly one of the options. When you desire not to have her naked she will have some clothes on. So your free to have the session like the way you prefer, and what you like the most.

Does she bring all essentials like oils etc. ? Of course, the masseuse will bring all essentials for having the body to body massage in Amsterdam.

I don’t have mine room number yet can I book ?
Of course, you can book anytime you like, we need to have your room number as soon as possible. We will confirm your booking on your room number as soon as we have all your details.

Can I have a combination of massages ? Of course, you can have as many combinations if you like. Like one hour body to body massage and one hour full body treatment. The duration goes by the hour, each hour you can have the type of session you like. It’s not possible to have a combination in 60 minutes.

I am staying in a 5***** luxury hotel can I have one of the masseuses ? Of course, for us and the masseuses it is no problem where you are staying. We operate discrete and appear like a normal guest of the hotel. We are providing hotel massage on daily bases in all the hotels in the city.

The massage price does it include also the taxi cost ? Of course, there are no extra cost involved. The prices on the website also includes the taxi or transportation cost.

We are a couple can me and mine wife have a body to body massage in Amsterdam ? Of course, we provide exclusive massages for couples a good as single persons. The cost of the body to body massage for couples is double the prices as you see them on the website. Because the masseuses will need to do persons and with couples it double the price.

Can we extend at anytime ? Of course, but when you know in advance that one hour is not enough for you, it`s better to select 90 minutes or 120 minutes of massage and the masseuse. Because we don’t want to make double bookings for the massage and masseuses.

Can we book here the body to body massage Amsterdam ? Of course, there are two options to make a booking of your session and service. One you can make an online massage booking with email and send us all your details online. Please select the masseuse, type of service, duration, and the time of the appointment. Also provide us your room number and last name and the name of the hotel. The fastest and easiest way to book the session is by calling the telephone operator, they will let you know straight away the availability of the masseuse. On both we will call you on your room telephone.

Is the session erotic ?
Of course, your session will be a highly erotic experience. Our masseuses will give you the ultimate and intimate body session you will never forget. Many of our regular clients will use our service on weekly or monthly base, because we deliver this unique service anywhere in the city.

Do you have a location where I can come to ? Of course, but our location is not open for public that is why we only offer outcall service in the city. This is for your benefit because you don’t need to go out and start searching on the streets. You will never find one of our masseuses anywhere else, because we only have selected the very best masseuses.

Are the masseuses trained and skilled to give massages ? Of course, we only hire masseuses on free-lance base, who have all the degrees and certificates that are needed for giving a massage. Besides they have a stunning appearance they also have the highest level of degree in order to give a massage. We want only the best for all our clients and visitors of the city !!

Do you delete mine name and telephone number ? Of course, we don’t keep track of any of our clients. After the session is finished we delete all your personal details and you don’t have to worry that you hear something of us.

Does the masseuse go past the reception of the hotel ?
Sometimes and in some hotels we don’t need to go past the helpdesk or reception. But in some hotels we have to go past to the helpdesk because the fire department needs to know exactly how many people are in the building when something is happening in the hotel. And it is also depending who is working behind the reception.

Does 24/7 Massage Amsterdam provide more massage sessions in the City of Amsterdam ? Of course, we provide all kinds of sessions at any time of the day.

Can I have a happy end ? Of course, the happy end is included with all other service we offer. The happy end massage in Amsterdam is also called the Lingam massage. When desired the happy end just let the masseuse know in advance when its desired. Not every person want to have these happy end but most of the men do. And the best part is with the body to body massage in Amsterdam the service is free of charge and included with your ordered treatment.

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