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Here you find only the best masseuses from Amsterdam and surroundings and the will offer anybody who stay in one of the hotels the very best companionship for 24 hours a day. Select one or two of the very best masseuses from the whole city and give your stay that extra dimension of entertainment. We are an exclusive massage service company for out-call only and offer all our high end client the best companionship and entertainment that you can ask for, enjoy your stay in the city with one of the most beautiful girls that money can buy. When you are seeking for the erotic massage of a lifetime, or an sensual body to body massage you have landed on the right page. We offer from regular Relax massages, Tantra of Tantric, Erotic and exclusive massages for couples.

We are proud to welcome all our guests in our city, and also to existing everyone with one of by far the most distinctive massage services, at your own private hotel ! Satisfy the exceptional massage deals we’ve to provide and you simply can delight in your well-deserved and unique way of full body relaxation. Unrestrained experience the sensuality along with the greatest entertainment and satisfy the category of our very best and stunning sexy masseuses, with our quick service and assistance we are able to be at your hotel room within 30 minutes after your booking has been confirmed. Our charming and stylish masseuses are delighted to provide you with any kind and only the very best of massages, daily 24/7 you can order the desired massage of your personal preference. Take care of your full body, mind and soul on the best and personal sensational experience while you are staying in the city. Treat yourself with 1 of our exclusive massages and deals. At 24/7 Massage Amsterdam you can book one of your massages 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Due to overbooking it is wise to book an appointment by telephone in advance on the number on the website.

The best masseuses of the city are well-trained to be assured of an unparalleled meeting where you will enjoy the optimum enjoyment. We are an knowledge massage service support throughout the city and where you can only assume the best. Every selected massage that will be done after your personal preference. Because your selected preference has a specific blended ethereal oils based on mineral and essentials that may have a calming effect and a relaxed outcome on your own full entire body. In order to escape from the daily stress and hustle you have to have a point of deserved relaxation that is why we offer you an special assistance at your hotel/apartment. When you’re staying for a longer time in the city you may use our services every day and night just as much as you possibly want. Now you don’t need to go out on the streets of the city and go searching for one of the salons in which you have no idea what type of masseuse you will provide there service. As we provide the best trained and exclusive women with higher class to bring you simply the very best.

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Massage Service in Amsterdam 

Need assistance of our masseuses as soon as possible ? We are able to be at most parts of the city in about half-hour (30 Minutes), we want to ask you and everybody kindly, please stay in your room after your booking has confirmed. For both party`s it is wise before arrival, to take a refreshing shower or tub. It’s because the personal hygiene, that is critical for everybody and also your pores will be open up. Ready to make a booking right now ? Select one of the masseuses and the type you desire and give us a call on : +316 18633672. Now you are in good hands with one of Amsterdam finest massage girls and you will be pampered with of one of our most lovely masseuses. With us you are in the best hands of the city and provide you with the best and most exclusive massages & deals. Along our offers like Tantric, Erotic, Body to Body, Sensual, Body massages deal is a free happy ending massage that’s free of cost in combination with any of our other massages we offer on our website.

On this website you may come across the most desirable service that we can offer 24/7 and only with the best of the best sensual erotic females. Select one or two of our masseuses and absolutely you will find the skilled woman who flawlessly suits your personal needs and after the duration you remember this a the ultimate pleasurable experience of the highest level. All out selected masseuses are ready to serve you from a minimum duration of 60 minutes to offer the erotic massage in the city.

We provide all major hotels on daily bases, for us it does not matter if you are staying in a 1* or maybe a 5***** hotel. Everybody and all our customers will experience the same service at any time of the day, and we will deliver the best possible experience you can ask for. Whether its Erotic, Full Body, Sensual, Tantra or Tantric we are here for you at any time of the day. We promise you the ultimate peace time filled with enthusiasm and entire surrender. To make certain that you discover the best lady that could match your needs correctly, pick out the very best one that suits the type of service you desire. Should you have any questions regarding the type or the masseuse you can call us any time of the day. When you just landed on Amsterdam Airport Schiphol and are one your way to that big conference or the business meeting? Just make a booking in advance and after that long fly you just had, its time to relax now. You have landed on the right website for the ultimate experience !

Erotic Massage Amsterdam 

Are you looking for the highest level of erotic massage in Amsterdam ? if that is the case than you have landed to the right place ! At 24/7 Massage Amsterdam we have selected several amazingly and highly talented masseuses who only work at out-call base and when it comes on to the erotic massages the are without a doubt the best in the business.

We are only working with the very best in the business all the masseuses are very well trained in the art of giving erotic massages. We only have selected the masseuses who have gained qualifications in massage therapy this is the reason that we can give you that guarantee of the best time possible. And after the first booking we know without a doubt that the next time you are in the city you will be calling us again.

All our girls are very polite and they make sure that every client is looked after, end very friendly to all our clients. Which is one of the reasons that 24/7 Massage Amsterdam is always welcome in all of the hotels in and around the city.

With the Erotic Massage Service you can order with 24/7, both masseuses and high end client will be naked or partly naked for the duration of the full session. The erotic session will be best performed with oil, although when you like your session without or maybe by using crème. We advise using oil to make things a bit more slippery, intimate and sensual are the keywords with a nice atmosphere in your own personal hotel bedroom or apartment.

A lot of client love the therapy from the erotic massages and can be great pleasure and generally is the reasons that our clients will call for the best possible sexual experience. The session with the masseuse also benefits your health and bloodstreams an pressure points and really helps you to reduce stress an get rid of all the negative energy that is in your body. Muscle pains and improving your circulations are also part of the session, and during the session with the masseuse she will spot all the point who needs some more attention.

Finding the right masseuse on the streets can be sometimes quite difficult to find, and you will never know where you are going to end up. With our Company you are in good hands and we are very confident that the Erotic Massage in Amsterdam is one of the greatest experience you will ever have. In order to make a booking online or to easily call us on +31 (0)6 18633672

Tantra & Tantric Massage in Amsterdam

The meaning of Tantric or Tantra. Tantra means expansion and creativity. How to understand Tantra or Tantric Massage we need to go back over 7,000 years ago. TAN means liberation and TRA means freedom. Let your body surrender to the spiritual and physical path of the supreme and the highest level of eroticism. The Tantra Massage in Amsterdam is a life changing experience in many different ways. The roots of Tantra or Tantric are in Tibet and India and is also experienced right here in your own luxurious apartment or any hotel in the city.

The centuries-old technics are essential in the “doorway” to self-discovery by essential relaxation breathing, meditation, yoga techniques take place to infuse the delights of receiving a tantric/tantra realization an awakening that is waiting to be ignited. The highest level of erotic and touching of the whole body including the lingam (penis) and a full body experience its include the most intimate parts of your body. The 24/7 Massage Amsterdam offers the all including Tantra Massage where nothing of your whole body has left out, in this holistic for of discovering more about yourself.

The sessions starts with subtle touching and feeling, and builds up as the session goes on. You can always and at any point ask the masseuse to build up the pressure or to degrease the pressure. From the subtle touch to highly erotic and very exciting sensual and sexual arousal. All your senses will be used, smell, touch, listening, visionary. The Tantric trained and skilled masseuse will put your body on to different techniques and will include warm and exiting oil. After using the perfect skills the masseuse you choose, will include a fusion, of tactile caressing and also your erogenous areas, inner thighs, perineum and chakra’s. Only the highest experienced masseuses know how to blend this all in to and over your whole body. After this spectacular foreplay on various erotic techniques the highest level of pleasure starts in the form of the lingam.

The lingam massage is included by ordering a Tantra or Tantric and will bring you the highest pleasurable feeling. The moment is build up time after time again and is taken trough several peaks and will give you an unforgettable feeling. Until it’s time to release you from al the buildup pressure and you will fully be relaxed by having the best orgasm ever. The goals is not the orgasm, the goal is finding yourself in your own body holistic for of discovering more about yourself. Tantra or Tantric is the ultimate and best of all the massages in Amsterdam.

Body to Body Massage Amsterdam

We from 24/7 Massage Amsterdam are pride of ourselves being the leading erotic body to body massage in Amsterdam. This mind-blowing massage treatment is state of the art, and you can expect only the very best of all of our girls who are working with our company. And you as costumer are the most imported for us, because all our masseuses are working with full commitment and passion we are sure that you are going to have a mind blowing experience with our sexy masseuse. After years of training an practice our hot masseuses are qualified to provide all the clients with the best possible body to body session or b2b as also commonly known to be unrivaled across the city of Amsterdam. The full body to body treatment is a different session like all other massages.

Surrender your mind, body and soul to are nude or semi nude masseuses. She uses her full body on yours with nice warm oil between you 2. After you have taken your shower she starts to undress herself, so you are getting ready for this delectably delicious and passionate body to body journey session. Her silky soft skin is brushing up against your skin, in warm silky smooth and special oil and feels like silk between you both. She will slowly carefully and sensually work her whole body on to yours and, this simulating and sensational feeling will remove all pains, aches, and pent up stress out of your body. This sensational erotic experience will give you an unforgettable extremely erotic feeling all over your body by stimulating your whole nude body. ¬ She glides and slides on your naked body, these sensational strokes are very exciting and intimate state of arousal are being felt throughout the duration of the session. The body to body session will relax all your muscles which helps to dispose all the negative energy and stress away, the tense muscles in your body will be loosened and she makes you feel like you’re in another dimension.

Experience this heightened pleasure of having a B2B or Body to Body experience that makes every part of your body tingle, with sensation you can choose from a list of massages of our Amsterdam erotic massages. Go to the outcall page and see the most amazing erotica of massages we have to offers. Massage helps to restore many issues and problems in the body, improving blood circulation, sensual and erotic stimulation of your mind body and soul. At utmost peaks sinfully exciting, both your front and back will all be feeling the special developed and warm oil, which is from of essential minerals and oils. At times our bodies need this creative sensual experiences like Body to Body massage to keep it alive.

If you want to make a appointment for a body to body session with one of our masseuses, please give us a call on the telephone number above on the website. We are able to serve you within 30 minutes of all locations in the city. Do you have any questions regarding the masseuse or the service of body to body just let us know. We are happy to inform you. When you desire one of the masseuse particularly please let us know in advance so we can make a booking in advance for you.

Four Hands Massage Amsterdam

Looking for the ultimate four hands massage in Amsterdam they should definitely give us a call and see what we have to offer. The concept of the four hands is like no other massages, and is the ultimate sensation for your body, mind, and soul and is highly sensual and erotic. Instead of having one pair of hands you are now going to experience the sensation of four gorgeous hands massaging at the same time. The masseuses work together in syn chronic way this will give your body an unbelievable sensual experience you have never experienced before. There are multiple reasons why our clients want to order a four hands massage session, suffering of pressure at work, daily stress, or perhaps you just want the sensational feeling of getting pampered by 2 stunning masseuses. Whatever the reason may be ? A four hand session carried out by our truly qualified Team gives the ultimate sensational experience for any of our clients.

After the syn chronic part of the four hands, they are now working on different parts of your body with sensual caresses strokes. Due to this sensational strokes and sensual kneading will get all your senses go in to a spin. The stunning masseuses will ensure that the sensual four hands massaging session is set at a most seductive and sensual way by making your own hotel room very comfortable. We will leave you after the duration of the session, feeling totally relaxed after an invigorated after an high class four hands massaging treatment with two of our very experienced masseuses. Who know exactly how to push all your buttons in your whole body, this unique level op eroticism and professionalism you just experienced one of the reasons that all guests in Amsterdam keep calling back for the four hands massage they have experienced with our service.

If you know what one of our stunning masseuses can do to your body, now start imagining what 2 will do! This means not one treatment but 2 at the same time, this feeling you will never forget and we know for a fact that the next time when you are staying in Amsterdam you will call us for the next four hands massage again. This exclusive way of relaxation you will never experience again. Now it is time for yourself ! Do you want 2 of your selected choices ? Please be so kind to let us know by telephone, after we have your name and room number your appointment is now confirmed. At the time of confirmation both of our stunning masseuses will find the way to your hotel room of luxury apartment anywhere in the city.

You can also order the four hands in combination with all other type of treatments 

Sensual Massage in Amsterdam 

What is so special about the Sensual Massage in Amsterdam ?

Many people believe that a sensual massage is simply a case of soft performing by the massage therapist. It`s imported to understand that the sensual massage is so much more that only soft touching by the masseuse. The name indicates itself Sensual Massage something to do with arousing sexual excitement and desires. The massaging is performed by our beautiful & stunning masseuse who really love in what they do. And the best part is they do what they love. All our highly skilled and well trained team of masseuses perform a sensual massage like no other. Our masseuses know exactly with buttons to push and know every hotspot of the human body, the masseuses will touch you and caress you I such a way that you’ll feel elated and joyful. All your stress and frustrations will melt away and you will feel transformed and as new after the session treatment.

The 3 most important benefits of the Sensual Massage: Relaxation, Sleep, Increased Libido. When you discover the journey of the sensual session with any of our team you will ultimately feel completely relaxation all over your body and state of mind and after the full session you are going to have a big smile on your face after the masseuse fully pampered you in the session time. Because you’re in the state of increased sense of relaxation mode you will now discover you have an easy sleep and very deep. From the moment you are going to wake up the next morning you feel reborn. The endorphin that flow now true your system creates a relaxed and clear state of mind, this enables you to forget all the worries and daily stress witch is the perfect receipt for a good night sleep and the ultimate relaxation. Sometimes the libido is low in the system of the men, and can create sexual dysfunction. Besides our stunning masseuses from the team is the sensual session a great way to bring your libido back on level.

You can easily take an exclusive out-call appointment, after a busy &long day or a long intercontinental flight you are probably too tired to travel to a massage salon and don’t wane go seeking for that desired relaxation. That why we are offering a complete packet op service anywhere in the city. The out-call service we offer will be at any place you desire in most cases it`s in your home or hotel or apartment. We will bring all the needs necessary for the full session of the Sensual Massage in Amsterdam. When you are trying the sensual session for the first time ? No worry just enjoy what is coming all our highly skilled masseuses deal with every kind of person every day. They are specialist in making your ease and very comfortable and then your duration of the session starts, and they won’t rush anything and will make you 100% satisfied and very pleased.

Are you ready for the sense of the sensual massage in Amsterdam ? Call us now ! 

Amsterdam Couples Massage 

Extra dimension with couples massage !

There is no other feeling to have a massage with your partner, whether it is sexual or non-sexual. Take pleasure in sharing the sensational experience of couples massage treatment in Amsterdam with someone special or simply help to introduce a therapy to the one close to you. Today the couple`s massage is among the most and a very popular service in Amsterdam. The couples massage is certainly a excellent way to bond with your partner while getting the relaxation you both deserve.

There are two options to order a massage for couples: one masseuse each or both one masseuse. Most couples who order one of the massages and who want to give their relationship an extra dimension. There is no pleasurable feeling that sharing the same massage and all the extras of one of our stunning masseuses together with your partner. This can be a sexual tinted massage or a regular like Swedish, and who have enjoyed it described the experience like no other couple’s aromatherapy. You will be able to indulge this exotic & erotic treatments like this full body pampering. Our masseuses will find all the sensitive hot spot on both of your body`s.

This exclusive way of relaxing treatment for couples, will give your relationship an boost and for the men your libido level is like never before. These special treatments are for couples a great way to enjoy this holistic approach to balancing the body, spirit & mind, through the use of essential oils. These not only feed the sense(s) but also helps the couples obtain a feeling of harmony. We are sure that you can walk away energized or simply relaxed after a full session with our stunning masseuses. Through the treatment you can have any requests to one or two of our masseuses. Feel free during the session to ask what you like and wat you don’t like! They are there for you, Keep in mind that this is a great gift or a perfect way to introduce your partner to the benefits of the selected massage.

When you are ready to surprise your partner at any time of the day, 24/7 Massage Amsterdam is always open to serve you with the best possible service. Make a booking online or pick up the telephone and give us a call and make your booking in advance. In advance bookings you can always select the masseuse you both desire and we will confirm the reservation at the same time.

Relax Massage Amsterdam 

Time for a Relax Massage, we provide all type of services anywhere in the city and any time of the day. Ordering our out-call service is never been so easy, and your now only phone call away of fulfilling your deserved point of relaxation.

We all know that feeling, no lust, no energy ! We are offering first aid to bring back your body back on level again. No energy or lust you can translate into too much negative energy in your body that needs to be disposed and get rid of. This one of the reasons why the body gets tired quickly. Your blood circulation is blocked and doesn’t flow the way it should, now it`s time to restore the circulation and give your body that boost it wants. Another problem can also be that you have some little pains offer your body, those little issues cost also energy. Those are the main reasons why we don’t have that energetic energy we want. Time to bring back the balance in your mind body and soul.

Therefore the relax massage is combination of Deep Tissue massage and is designed to relieve several tensions in the muscles, and the connective tissue or fascia. We recommend the Deep Tissue for individuals who experience consistent little pains in the body and are involved in heavy physical activity such as sport athletes. But also people who stand all day long al the same place like in an exposition center etc. The energizing Deep therapy focus on underlying layers of the tissue, here we can release the tension and tightened muscles. Also chronicle pain like back pain from sitting to much or heavy lifting brought about repetitive strain or build up stress. The Relax massage in Amsterdam will strengthen and tone muscle tissue, and leaving you restored body recharged and uplifted.

The Relax Massage can also be recognized as a Swedish Massage, where the treatment takes the focus on you in account, and not the symptoms or the part that has the problem. It’s really simple because our muscles are attached to the bones, example: after a long day of sports or work our muscles build up lactic acid (knots) what makes it impossible for your muscles to works smoothly. Instead of pulling out bones in or out of there correct alignment that can lead to poor posture, pain and other problems in our human body. In order to reduce the knots we provide a Swedish Massage in Amsterdam and bring back your system back to normal and has proven clinical benefits: reduce the effect of stress and depression, lower blood pressure, improves sleep patterns, boost immunity, and relieves the stiffness and muscle fatigue. Ready to be served in the next 30 minutes from now ? Give us a call and we will book the Relax Massage in Amsterdam right here !

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